Presentation Guidelines

SLT will be an onsite workshop. All papers will be presented as posters. However, we expect that some participants may not physically join the workshop, and, therefore would like to provide also a short video that will be available on YouTube or other platforms.

A. Video preparation

We ask all presenters to prepare a 3 to 5-minute video introducing their work. Please follow the following guidelines,
  • Duration: 3 to 5 minutes
  • File Size: 100MB max
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: Minimum 720 pixels in height (landscape)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Please name your file with The poster ID* is as follows:
    [Day]-[Session]-[Poster Number]-[Topic]_[FirstAuthorName].mp4

    (* You can find the poster ID on the program page)
Please try to record your video in a quiet place using a headset microphone. You can use Zoom or any other tools to record your video. If possible, try to include your face in the corner of the video. We recommend using animations and laser pointers options in PowerPoint to emphasize your explanations.

Video submission deadline: Dec. 9th, 2022

Please submit your video using the presentation submission form.

B. Posters

All presentations will be posters. Please bring a printed version of your poster to the workshop. Follow the below instructions when preparing your poster
  • The poster board can accommodate a standard A0 Landscape (1,189mm x 841mm) poster
  • Please print the poster id on the upper left corner of your poster in large fonts:
    The poster ID is as follows: [Day]-[Session]-[Poster Number]-[Topic],
    The poster id can be found on the program page.
  • The poster should also include the title, all authors, and affiliations.
  • Prepare your poster so that it is clearly visible from a 1.5-2 m distance.
  • Please hang your poster 10 minutes before the start of the first talk of the day.
    All posters will stay on for the whole day, but you will only need to present during the time of your session.
Participants that cannot physically present their posters should send a pdf version of the poster by Dec. 9th, 2022, using the above video/poster submission form.
  • Poster file format: pdf
  • File Size: 10MB max
  • A0 Landscape (841 x 1189 mm)
  • Please name your file with The poster ID* is as follows:
    [Day]-[Session]-[Poster Number]-[Topic]_[FirstAuthorName].pdf

    (* You can find the poster ID on the program page)